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 on Thursday, February 25, 2016  

Home Remedies for Head LICE | Natural Remedies For Lice. Lice infestations (pediculoses) are diseases of the skin, hair, or genital area due to lice residing right on the body or in hats or alternative garments. Lice are small wingless insect like parasites with sucking mouthparts that lay their eggs on body hairs or in clothes and feed on human blood. Some anthropologists think the distinct species of body and head lice grown in response to individuals' creation and usage of clothes about 50,000 years past.

Lice infestations aren't diseases that are serious by themselves. It's, nonetheless a serious public health issue because some lice can carry organisms that cause other disorders, including epidemic typhus, trench fever, and relapsing fever. Although trench fever is self-restricting, the other two ailments have mortality rates of 5%-10%. Pubic lice in many cases are related to other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) but don't distribute them.

Lice infestations are regular occurrences in places of overcrowding or substandard facilities for laundry and bath. They're generally related to military or with homelessness in the overall public, refugee, or prisoner camps in war torn regions. All individuals are equally prone to louse infestation; the elderly, however, are more exposed to other diseases and typhus.

Lice Signs and Symptoms

Home Remedies for Head LICE
thyme leaves for head lice

Nonmoving nits or moving lice might be found on the entire scalp as well as hair. Each louse is about 1-3 millimeters and is whitish-grey in color. Lice crawl; they don't jump or fly.

Little red bumps or sores could be observed on the entire scalp, neck, and shoulders.

Because head lice infestations are rather itchy, scraping is not unusual and can lead to resultant disease or scabbing. Along with a tickling or itching sense, kids have trouble sleeping or can also be irritable. Also read : Instant home remedies for headache and Bloating+Gas.

The Louse Life Cycle

A louse egg hatches after nine or eight days. What appears is an immature kind of the louse. The nymph becomes a mature adult louse after an adult lives for a few weeks, and nine to 12 days.

Do Head Lice Cause Harm?

Head lice infrequently cause direct injury, and they're not known to transmit infectious agents. Therefore, they shouldn't be regarded as a public health issue or a medical. Head lice may sometimes not be light due to aggravation; responses and their movements to their stings can cause itching and loss of sleep. Feces and the louse's saliva may sensitize individuals to their stings, thus exacerbating the aggravation and raising the possibility of secondary infection from scratching that is excessive. The allergic reactions to the louse's spittle are generally passing and small. Than would a man who's without head lice, a man who has a persistent infestation of head lice might not endure any more aggravation or itching.

The greatest damage related to head lice results from the well intentioned but misguided usage of hazardous or caustic materials to get rid of the lice. Grooming engenders several linked physiological and behavioral advantages too, and can be an effective process to eliminate lice. Due to panics that were unfounded, some parents have indicated that children refrain from sharing protective helmets that were biking or bat. The miniscule danger of getting lice from such apparatus pales in comparison to the risks averted by wearing helmets.

Prevention of Head Lice

There isn't any great method of preventing head lice. The best method to stop them spreading is always to assess the heads for lice of your whole family frequently. You are able to do it by detection combing on a weekly basis, or as frequently as you desire. This might allow you to locate any lice before they are able to reproduce and means you'll be able to treat them immediately to keep them from propagating.

In the event you discover a living, moving louse on one of the heads of your family, you ought to assess all other members of your home attentively. In this way, those people who are infected can be treated at the exact same time.

How Do You Prevent Head Lice Spreading?

It's not easy to stop head lice infestation in children. Do not permit kids utilize or to share other kids's hat, comb, or brush. It might be required to stop kids from using head gear such as in dress up regions of play centers.

Community-wide or school-based instruction programmes notifying parents of techniques to eradicate lice, and community health teams in schools, are in keeping infestation speeds down the best ways.

Lice Treatment

Most authorities think that head lice ought to be medicated promptly upon discovery. Parents make use of a vinegar rinse to help loosen nits should examine a little scalp segment for allergies to the drug, and wash hair with regular shampoo before starting any treatment.

Eyebrows that were infested ought to be treated with petroleum jelly for a number of days as well as the nits ought to be plucked away with fingernails or tweezers.

The therapy for body lice is a thorough washing of replacing and the whole body of garments that is contaminated. Must read : How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast naturally and Ways to Lose Belly Fat.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Fast and Naturally at Home

1. Home remedies for head lice #10: Tea Tree Oil with Olive Oil

Get Rid Of Head LICE in House

  • Take few globules of tea tree oil and blend it with three tbs of olive oil. Olive oil helps to remove it readily and comprises insecticide properties which will loosen the holding of nits to your hair.
  • And then stir it well, after that apply it to your hair by rubbing it into the affected area.
  • Leave it for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Then you can inse it off with water.
  • Ultimately, you need to comb your hair to eliminate the lice that are remaining.
  • Continue doing this procedure consistently to eliminate the head lice

2. Home remedies for head lice #2: Mashed Apple

Though applying mashed apple on your own head is very dirty, but it functions efficiently to get you rid of irritating lice infestation. Mash an apple and apply all over your head in this style that your hair is covered by it totally. Rinse your hair after 30 minutes.

3. Home remedies for head lice #3: Thyme Leaves

Get some dried or fresh thyme blooms and leaves. Pour some boiling water on it and steep it for ten minutes. Either spray right or this infusion rinse your hair with it. Comb your own hair using a nit comb several times per day. This really is the very best way to dispose of lice.

4. Home remedies for head lice #4: Vinegar

A simple home remedy for head lice, the astringent quality of vinegar helps kill lice as well as their eggs.

The best way to use it: Take some vinegar in a spray or bowl bottle. Now using a cotton ball (if you're employing a vinegar from a bowl) apply it nicely to the complete scalp. Cover head using a shower cap and let it remain overnight. Wash his or her hair the following day with standard shampoo and comb out the dead lice.

5. Home remedies for head lice #5: Mayonnaise

You might be able to smother lice while you sleep, if you are cautious of artificial pesticides. Saturate the hair and scalp with mayo, then put on a shower cap. Lice ought to be dead the following morning. Sadly, the louse eggs can't be smothered by you, you will still have to remove them by hand.

6. Home remedies for head lice #6: Dry, Dry, Dry

It is significant to get clothes and bedding that's been used dried in a drier on for 20-30 minutes regular. Also read : HOW TO: Get Rid Of Stretch Marks INSTANTLY! And to Detoxify Your Body.

7. Home remedies for head lice #7: Tea Tree Oil

It's antiseptic, anti fungal and antibacterial properties that are natural.

You can wash your hair with shelve tea tree shampoos. Occasionally this is enough to remove the lice
Place 15 drops of tea tree oil in your normal bottle of shampoo, you can use it daily

It's possible for you to get it a bit farther and combine one tea spoon of eucalyptus oil and your regular shampoo and three TBS of olive oil. Place in your hair and leave it for half an hour. Rinse later if required, and duplicate

8. Home remedies for head lice #8: Thyme

Prepare (as a rinse or spray onto affected area while combing with a nit comb) a powerful herbal infusion using dried or fresh thyme leaves and blossoms.

9. Home remedies for head lice #9: Sterilize Fabrics

Wash clothes, bedclothes and other washables that have been employed by the affected individual in hot, sudsy water after treating the lice.

10. Home remedies for head lice #1: Petroleum Jelly

Thus, it additionally used for treating head lice but it's not easy to take out the gel from the hair. Read : Fleas on Dogs and What You Can Do About Them and Arthritis.

You will need:

Baby oil
Petroleum jelly


  • Take petroleum prior to going to bed, and apply a thick layer of jelly on your affected area
  • Bring some baby oil to apply on the affected area so that it removes the jelly, next day morning
  • Comb your hair completely to take off the lice after removing.
  • Repeat regularly until results are visible.

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